Weekend Chill with Stella Artois

gluten free Stella artois

Hot off the press! Stella Artois have released a gluten free beer! I was lucky enough to sample the beer last weekend, after receiving the most gorgeous hamper! Stella Artois is the UKs number one brand, so creating this for the gluten free market will definitely be great for all those beer lovers out there. It is Coeliac UK certified, and will be available throughout the UK this autumn.

gluten free Stella artois

What did we think about Stella Artois?

I was pretty excited to hear about the launch of the Stella Artois beer. I enjoy drinking cider, but only had a few options for gluten free beer. If I had to compare it to other gluten free beers, I would say I enjoyed this the most and my family liked it too. The experts have created it to taste just like the original Stella Artois. It is refreshing and will definitely be one to stock up on for the winter months! Joie de Bière!

gluten free Stella artois

Catching the last rays of sunshine before the autumn weather arrives! This beer would be a great accompaniment to some delicious cheese and bread

gluten free Stella artois

gluten free Stella artois

Disclaimer: These products were very kindly gifted to me.

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