Taste of Louisiana at Honest Burger

louisiana burger honest burger

The taste of Louisiana! I visited Honest Burger last week with my university friend Philippa for a good old catch up. The restaurants are located across London and also Cambridge and Reading. I have only been to Honest Burgers once before, in Hammersmith. This time, it was in Notting Hill, on Portobello Road. Portobello Road, Portobello Road, street where the riches of ages are stowed. I don’t usually venture to Notting Hill and have never been to Portobello Road, so I thought it was time for an adventure and for a change of scenery! If you fancy a change of scenery, you may like to read my other post about Leadbellys in Canada Water.

Arriving at Portobello Road, I got caught up in a swarm of crowds, trying to get photos in, squeezing my way past people to get some shots, getting my very high heeled boots caught on the pavements, and trying to guard my bag from the crowds all at the same time. It was not an easy task as it seemed everyone had a camera or a phone in my face. Luckily, by the time Philippa arrived, the crowds had started to disperse and we were able to get in some shots!

notting hill

notting hill

I felt very cool and trendy hanging out in Notting Hill and posing! Anyway, back to the food and the burgers!

For a select time period, Honest Burger were offering up a taste of Louisiana so I was on a mission to try it! This Honest Burger is located near the Electric Cinema, and is a very cosy one. At first I thought there was only space upstairs. Philippa and I were navigated through the tight squeeze of people to the downstairs area, where it was like we had our own private chefs cooking for us.

I opted for the Louisiana Burger in a gluten free bun, which was rubbed with a delicious cajun spice mix. This gave it a rich and smoky taste, which definitely added flavour. The burger was topped with bacon, American cheese, fried onions and homemade smoky ketchup and fries. Philippa opted for the Chilli Burger, which contained beef, chilli cheese, bacon, jalapeno relish, lettuce, red onion and hot sauce which she really enjoyed, but I think she liked the Louisiana even more!


What’s the menu like?

1. There are gluten free buns, and they are very tasty.

2. They serve Daura Damm which is gluten free.

3. If you want breakfast, then there is a breakfast menu.

4. They offer a kids menu in all restaurants that is priced at 50% less than the adults.

5. They serve a fritter and granola if you don’t want the meat.

6. They serve homemade soft drinks.

7. You can order online.

To find out more about Honest Burgers, check out their website! Click here.


What about cross contamination? 

All Honest Burgers are gluten free as well as all of the sides, sauces and chips. Honest Burger chefs take every precaution to prevent cross contamination.

honest burger


Honest Burgers suits small groups, and the Notting Hill one was not particularly spacious, but maybe there are other restaurants that have more room!


Price and service

Price wise, it was a decent price for a London restaurant. Although in the pictures, the burgers do look bigger than they are and I probably could have ordered my burger with a side. The Louisiana burger was £12.95 and the chilli burger was £10.95. Service was very good and staff were attentive.

honest burger

Would I eat there again?

My aim is to try all the burgers on their menu!

Have you been to Honest Burger?


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