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Leadbelly’s Bar and Kitchen in London is the perfect space for a relaxed eating and drinking experience. I visited last month with my fellow gluten free pals. The restaurant, located in Canada Water, offers a vast menu, which is 98% gluten free! I visited on a Sunday, so the menu options were the Sunday roasts, Burgers and Grill, or Belly’s Bites. As I always have Sunday roast at home, I chose from the burgers and grill menu and sampled the Belly’s Beef Burger with smoked applewood cheese with Leadbelly’s relish and fries. For dessert, I chose the  rich chocolate mousse which was gluten free and vegan.


Leadbelly’s offers up a lot of gluten free dishes, more than any that I have seen in other restaurants that offer gluten free options. If you fancy visiting for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, then you will be well catered for whatever day of the week! To find out more about Leadbelly’s check out the Leadbelly’s website!

leadbellys What’s the menu like?

1. There are gluten free buns, thank goodness. 

2. There is gluten free sourdough bread and cornbread (I need to try this one day)

3. If you fancy a Sunday roast with gluten free Yorkshire puds, then you have come to the right place!

4. There are 8 desserts. 7 of them are gluten free and 7 are vegan too!

5. They offer gluten free beer-Celia.

6. There are lots of gluten free and vegan options for those who want both!

7. They have a kids menu that offers gluten free fish and chips, Mac and cheese and tomato pasta.




What about cross contamination? 

Leadbelly’s Bar and Kitchen takes the welfare of their customers very seriously. The gluten free buns and bread are toasted entirely separately to the other buns and you also don’t have to worry about the chips, as they are served in a fryer that is specifically for gluten free food. 




I enjoy eating in places where I do not feel rushed and can relax and enjoy my meal in comfort. Leadbelly’s does just that. The seating is suitable for large groups, as well as smaller groups so it’s a perfect meeting spot. There isn’t blasting loud music, so you are able to chat away and enjoy the open plan surroundings.


Above Group photo-Gluten Free Meetups



Price and service

Price wise, I think it was very decent. My burger was £12.50 and all the desserts are currently £6, making it a whole lot easier to tally up your meal at the end! I would have liked it if the staff had asked how I wanted my burger cooked, however the service was good.

Would I eat there again?

Yes, I would like to try the brunch menu, especially the waffles!

If you would like more expert advice on gluten free restaurants, check out the Forever Free From website. The creator, Benjamin is also the lead organiser for Gluten Free Meet Up Events in London.

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