5 ways to declutter your life!

declutter your life

We have all felt a little overwhelmed at times with things going on in our lives. I always find that organising the home and decluttering can help me see the light! So start the year right with these ways to declutter your life!

declutter your life

1) Gifts and unwanted things

How many times have you received a gift that you don’t want or need? Appliances that you purchase like coffee machines or that bread maker that may have been used once to impress guests for one day, only to be put back in the garage for 10 years! Things like this clutter up the house. Ask yourself if you really need it, do you use it regularly? If not, give it away or sell it. It’s far better to have items in the house that you actually want. The same thing applies for other things like furniture, homeware, books and ornaments.

declutter your life

2) Shred, recycle or burn it!

I feel that burning or shredding unwanted stuff really helps me let go of stress and the past and helps me to look forward to the future. Don’t let the bad things of the past bring you down. Unnecessary paperwork is the bane of my life. You cannot imagine the amount of paper that I had from university work and even my school days that I kept (just in case). If you don’t need it, recycle, or if it has your information on it, shred or burn it!

declutter your life

3) Make your bedroom your happy, peaceful place.

A chaotic bedroom is not peaceful! Keep your bedroom as clutter free as possible. Get organised with your filing, and tidy up your desk space. Don’t have too many gadgets in the bedroom that can distract you. Light some candles, put up some photographs, paint, whatever you need to make your bedroom your place of calm!

declutter your life

4) Declutter and organise your wardrobe

I always declutter my wardrobe on a regular basis and boy does it feel good! Sorting out clothes is a great way to start your decluttering process. Give away to charity, sell online, or give to friends. Unwanted clutter can easily build up and up in the wardrobe so try to declutter on a regular basis. I am not really an impulse buyer anymore, but I did buy a few things back in the day that I never wore or only wore once! Our style usually changes over the years, and you don’t need loads of clothes. Only keep the clothes you really need, that you know you will wear, not the clothes that still have the tags on, or the clothes that help you reminisce about the good old days!

declutter your life

5) Enjoy your own company

I have known a few people who cannot spend one minute of their day on their own. They have to be surrounded and entertained by others all the time. I am the complete opposite. I enjoy spending time with friends and family, but have no trouble being on my own, having my own time to do what I want to do. Give yourself time on your own. Clear your diary if you have too many social events. Say no sometimes. Love yourself and be happy in your own skin.


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