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noughty haircare

My haircare story begins a long long time ago…Ok not that long ago I’m not that ancient…yet! My hair and I have had lots of fun over the years. I never went crazy on BOLD colours or really wacky hairstyles, but I have been colouring my hair since I was around 17! That’s a lot of hair colour if you think about it! I have teamed up with Noughty to test out a few items from their range!



I  have always had thick, wavy hair with a few random strands of straight hair which is rather odd, so I do have to get out the curling wand!

When I was young, the colour of my hair was strawberry blonde. My hair always became much lighter in the sun and the salty water just made it go super curly!


Over the years, and especially in the winter time, it turned a darker reddy colour but I always had little strays of blonde!



Fast forward to the year 2004. A lovely holiday in Skiathos with the family. The hair mistake…USING SUN IN! I hadn’t started colouring my hair at this stage, and I thought it would be nice just to spray a little SUN IN here and there. The SUN IN did exactly what it said it would do, it lightened my hair. Well, it practically bleached my hair. It sadly did not make my hair glossy or shiny, it just made my hair like straw!! Avoid this spray like the plague! It took me over two years for my hair to feel normal again. I had regular trips to the hairdressers and gradually chopped off all the dry ends! Never again!



My hair had to be cut quite short after the dreadful sun in spray ruined my luscious locks!


Fast forward again to my university days. I was colouring my hair usually a strawberry blonde, but I did have it slightly darker as well. I like my hair this colour the most I think.






As far as products, I could use pretty much any shampoo and conditioner back in the day and my scalp was not sensitive in the slightest. However, since becoming diagnosed with coeliac disease, I have found that I am extremely sensitive to products, and cannot use the products that I used before.

So here is where Noughty steps in and offers a helping hand! The Noughty haircare brand is vegan, cruelty free and free from all those nasties like petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates and silicones! These products below are all Gluten Free!

Rise & Shine Everyday Shampoo

Rise & Shine Everyday Conditioner

Wave Hello Curl Defining Shampoo

Wave Hello curl Defining Conditioner

Detox Dynamo 2in1 Shampoo and Conditioner

noughty haircare

Over these past few years, my hair has been a bit of a nightmare! I cannot use any products that contain gluten and I am also trying to avoid sulphates and other nasties in my haircare products because it irritates my scalp so much. I have really struggled to find some decent products.

 I have normal hair in terms of washing, as I only need to wash my hair usually every 3 to 4 days. The Noughty Rise and Shine Everyday Shampoo smelt a bit pepperminty and I felt the freshness! I liked the creamy texture of the conditioner and I also noticed that there was a lot LESS hair that clogged up the drain so that was a win win!


noughty haircare

noughty haircare

noughty haircare

noughty haircare

noughty haircare

I then tried the Noughty Curl Defining Shampoo. This was a rich shampoo rich with avocado oil which is good for curly or wavy hair. My hair is pretty wavy and can get dry and times, especially on holiday, so I would use this shampoo on my beach holidays!

noughty haircare

The Noughty Curl Defining Conditioner was nice and creamy and I didn’t need to use a lot. After washing, I usually let my hair dry naturally, as it takes AGES to blow-dry!


I really like the Noughty hair care products. My hair feels soft and glossy! I would definitely recommend these products that I tried. It is a shame that only some of the Noughty products are Gluten Free though.

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Have you tried Noughty? What are your thoughts?

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