Fizzy pop Featuring Pago Fruit Juice

pago fruit juice

Start the year off right with Pago Fruit Juice! If you are fed up with boring soft drinks then you should give Pago a try! There are endless possibilities from making smoothies, cocktails and even sauces with Pago. I decided to make some fizzy pop drinks with the Pago Fruit Juice on New Years day which was fun and enjoyed by the whole family!

pago fruit juice

Pago Fruit juices are currently available in 15 flavours to suit a variety of tastes!

Paso fruit juice

pago fruit juice

So why Pago?

Pago juices are produced from natural ingredients and will provide you with a very fruity experience! It is also sourced from the greatest producers in the world!

I tried out the Multivitamin Tropical and I loved it! It was so refreshing, and I thought the green bottles captured the essence of the product very well.

pago fruit juice

Where can I buy it?

You can buy Pago online at £11.49 for a box of 12 juices, which I think is very reasonable.

pago fruit juice

pago fruit juice

How to create my FIZZY POP Drink

You will need:

Pago Multivitamin Tropical Fruit Juice

Ice cube tray


Shimmer Pop a Ball

What to do:

1. Pour the Pago fruit juice into an ice cube tray and leave overnight.

2. Fill a glass halfway with lemonade, ½ teaspoon of shimmer pop a ball, and place in the ice cubes. You can even top up with a little more pago fruit juice.

3. Watch the shimmery gold in the glass, it is so pretty!

4. You can make this alcoholic and use Prosecco!


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For more information about Pago Fruit Juice drinks click on their website

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Pago Instagram: @pagofruitjuice     

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Pago Facebook: @PagoPremiumFruitJuice

Pago Youtube: YouTube/Pagopremiumfruitjuice


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pago fruit juice


DISCLAIMER: This post contains PR samples. 


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