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sandwich ideas

It’s almost September and that means it’s back to school sandwiches! Here are some veggie and non veggie fillings to make lunchtime that little more interesting featuring Gradz bakery bread

Sandwich Ideas

First up, Chicken mayo sandwich. I mixed the chicken, mayo, some shredded carrot into a bowl and added to the sandwich. I also cut some thin slices of cucumber to go inside. Alternatively you could add tomatoes, or cheese. The possibilities are endless!

chicken mayo sandwich

Next, I went down the vegetarian route with a Chickpea and Mayo sandwich. Using tinned chickpeas, I heated them up, drained them, then crushed them in a bowl along with some mayo (you could use egg free or dairy free mayo) , shredded carrot and cucumber and a little dash of red pepper hummus! You could add lettuce, celery or onions to this as well or even mustard perhaps!

chickpea sandwiches

Let’s also not forget the egg mayonnaise sandwich! I used two eggs, which were then hard boiled, seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper, and mixed with mayo and salad. I used some leftover crushed chickpeas with this too!

egg mayonaise sandwiches

I then tried out a red pepper hummus sandwich with sliced pepper and cucumber.

hummus sandwiches

Turkey club sandwich with salad and cheese is a real treat, accompanied by some orange juice! You could also add slices of hard boiled egg and sliced tomato.

turkey sandwich

Other sandwich filling ideas

There are so many fillings, the possibilities are endless. For those who like fishy fillings, the classic Tuna Mayo Sandwich may do the trick. Simply add the tuna and the mayo together and slice the cucumber! I have to admit, I am not a huge fan of this one as it can get very soggy, but I love tuna, mayo and cucumber separately!

Ham and cheese are a firm favourite for my nephews, or how about adding a Mediterranean twist with feta cheese or halloumi and hummus? I admit, I still have jam and cheese sandwiches! Whatever the kids prefer, I hope that these ideas can give you some inspiration!

gradz bakers

For this post I have used gluten free bread from Gradz bakery.

There are 4 artisan breads to choose from!

Gluten Free White Bread

Gluten Free Dark Bread with sunflower seeds

Gluten Free with chia seeds

Gluten Free with pumpkin seeds

For more information about Gradz bakers bread, check out their website below! You can also order their bread from Ocado.

Gradz Website

What are your favourite sandwich fillings?

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*Disclaimer: This post contains gifted products. All images are my own. 


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