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I am back with a new review, this time about the new range from Mr Lees Noodles! I have collaborated with Mr Lees noodles before and wrote the Mr Lees Noodles blogpost review. Now, packaging has changed and recipes have changed too, so I was interested to try out the new range. Mr Lee’s noodles still arrive in pot noodle form, and you do exactly as you would with other pot noodles. Simply shake, boil hot water, pour and wait 3 mins. Simple indeed!

Unlike other brands of pot noodle, Mr Lee’s Noodles uses ingredients that are freeze dried, which means that the food can be stored at room temperature without ever going in the fridge. The noodles are also low in salt, sugar and compared to other pot noodles, have a much lower calorie count. They also do not contain any palm oil. They are great for a snack, and also perfect for on the go.

As well as the new recipes, the brand have continued to use sustainable packaging to make sure that they do everything they can to protect the environment.

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The New pot noodles are:

Coconut chicken Laksa, (Best in Health awards in 2018 and Great taste awards in 2019), Dragon fire vegetables, Hong Kong Street Beef, Tai chi chicken, Warrior Fighting Shrimp and Zen garden vegetables.

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The pots are cheery and colourful and the text font is clear to read. The flavours have changed a little and now incorporate sweet orange blossom honey and asian five spice as well as other flavours so I was interested to taste them. My least favourite was the Hong Kong Street Beef, as the ginger and five spice mixed together was a little overpowering.

My favourites out of the range were the Zen Garden Vegetables and the Tai Chi Chicken. I created a stir fry with the Zen Garden Vegetables and it was a milder blend with the sweet asparagus, crunchy green beans, spinach and yep you guessed it…ginger! I also enjoyed the warming and flavourful Tai Chi Chicken pot noodle for a snack. The good thing with these noodles is that they are quick and easy to make, and if you want to make a meal out of them, you can add these with other ingredients to a wok or a frying pan.

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If you like pot noodles and want to try a healthier option with less calories and salt then give these a go, especially if you don’t mind the taste of ginger! They are all certified gluten free and two of them are vegan. Packaging is also 100% recyclable!

You can purchase Mr Lees Noodles at various shops as well as Ocado and Amazon, but if you purchase from the Mr Lees Noodles website, you will get free postage and packaging and donations to foodbanks and NHS frontline will be made for each box that is purchased. Boxes of 6 are currently £12.00.

“No worries, eat happy” (Damien Lee, Founder of Mr Lees Noodles)


Disclaimer: Mr Lees Noodles samples were kindly gifted to me in exchange for a review on my blog. 


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