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I have a bit of a love hate relationship with spices. Some spices are just too much and I will NOT go near them, while others I will choose to pick a punch and add real flavour to the food. I was recently sent some samples from Spicentice and decided to try out two of their spices with my meals.

Spicentice offer up meal kits which help you bring flavours from all around the world into your kitchen for hassle free cooking. There are more than 25 options to choose from, such as spice kits for curries, ribs, satay and rubs for gourmet burgers, chipotle and more. The meal kits and rubs contain 100% pure herbs and spices so are gluten free!

To get your hands on the spicentice, simply go on to their website click here, place your order online and they’ll deliver it straight to your door! All you need are the fresh ingredients and you are good to go!

 I rarely buy spices, so have no idea how much spices usually cost. Here is the low down on the prices of the items that I was sent:

Gourmet chips and wedges-£1.59

Fajitas Spice Kit-2.09

Chinese Chicken Curry-£1.59

Tikka Sizzler-£1.59


I used the gourmet chips and wedges spice for our Sunday roast. I sprinkled some on the chicken as well as the roasted potatoes and it really added a lovely flavour which was a delight for the whole family to enjoy! Next up, I tried the spicentice fajita mix, but didn’t make fajitas, instead I made chicken in pitta bread, alongside some feta, olives, salad and gluten free tzatziki!

I was impressed with the kits as they can feed around four hungry people. The packaging is bright with clear ingredients, instructions and shopping lists on the back which is very handy!


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*Disclaimer: These samples were gifted to me for review on my blog.


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