Top tips for a gluten free holiday!

gluten free holiday

So, you are going away on your gluten free holiday! Yippee! It could be a mini break in the UK, a weekend stay in Venice, or a honeymoon in Barbados! Wherever you are going on your holidays, you need to be prepared! Here are some tips on what to think about when you are packing for your holiday as well as tips for when you get to your destination.

Tip 1: Do some research before you travel. Research the countries food – there could be certain ingredients used in a lot of cooking that may not be gluten free. Find out about gluten free options. You may be staying in a hotel that offers gluten free food or there may be a restaurant nearby that offers gluten free options.

Tip 2: Pack some gluten free items. Pasta, gluten free cereal, biscuits, crackers, bread (if sealed properly), energy bars, crisps, dried fruit – that kind of thing.

Tip 3: Learn the lingo…or at least a few words: ‘coeliac disease’ ‘gluten’ ‘wheat’ ‘intolerant’ will help you a long way, especially when going out for dinner, or even at a local supermarket. You can find lots of apps on the phone for various languages which is very handy! There is also a great website called where you can find cards to download for free, and the cards are available in 51 languages. Check out for a list of gluten free apps.

Tip 4: If it doesn’t sound good, don’t eat it! Gluten lurks around every corner, and while you are enjoying your break wandering the local markets and sampling the food, you still have to be careful about what you are ingesting.  You don’t want to be getting ill on holiday! If this does happen and you do become unwell from accidental gluten intake, my handy post called what to do if you get glutened should help you!

Tip 5: Always have some gluten free snacks on the go. I always bring snacks on the go to boost my energy levels, and that’s just when I am travelling 45 minutes into London!

Tip 6: If you are travelling on a flight that does offer food, remember to write on your booking form or contact the airline that you will be needing a gluten free option for food. The gluten free food usually always gets offered first. (How handy!)

Tip 7: Have a local hospital or doctors number to hand in case you fall ill.

Tip 8: Drink plenty of fluids. If you find that you have been glutened, keep drinking fluids to flush out the bad stuff. Eat lots of fresh fruit and veg and plain food. Try to avoid any foods with sauces.

So go forth and enjoy your holidays! Stay safe out there and have fun! Happy Summer Holidays everyone!


gluten free holiday

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