Gluten Free Picnic for two!

Gluten Free Picnic for two!

Summer is almost here and that means eating outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, swatting lots of flies and wasps and yes picnics! Here is my gluten free picnic for two! I have had my picnic roll up blanket for years and it has served me well! It has a velcro front and a handle to make it easy to carry! Ok, these pictures have not been snapped outside unfortunately, but you get the gist!

Featured Items:

Burt’s British hand cooked potato chips-Aldi Supermarket

Lightly salted tortilla crisps-Aldi Supermarket

Crackers-Aldi Supermarket

Sausage Rolls

Prosecco-Aldi Supermarket


Picnic Blanket with handle and waterproof backing

To make the sausage rolls:

Cook 8 gluten free sausages, either in the oven or pan fry. Roll out some gluten free pastry (I used Silly Yak ready to roll pastry). Roll out the pastry dust with some flour and cut to strips. Use a little egg wash on the pastry. Wrap the strips of pastry around the cooked sausages. Cook in oven at 180 °C for around 10-15 minutes.

So enjoy the summer weather everyone! And I hope you can enjoy lots of picnics!

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