A Guide to a Gluten-Free Night In!

A Guide to a Gluten-Free Night In!

Want a gluten-free guide to a fabulous night in? No problem! Here is a step by step guide to having the perfect night in with your pals or just with yourself!!

* * *

Step 1:

Buy gluten free essentials: Popcorn, Ice cream, Chocolate, Crisps, drinks – whatever takes your fancy! These should be stocked in any local supermarket in their gluten-free section.

Gluten free popcorn

Step 2:

Make sure you have a collection of DVDs ready for when your pals arrive…

Gluten free night in

Movies: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Disney’s Hercules. My Family and Other Animals, 300

(Note the recurring Greek Theme here)

Step 3:

Don your comfy pyjamas…


Step 4:

Order pizza takeaway, or whichever takeaway you fancy. Aside from dominoes, pizza hut and pizza express, I had a nice pizza takeaway from FIREZZA.  http://firezza.com

Step 5:

Watch movies…

Step 6:

Pamper yourselves! Face masks, paint nails that kind of thing!




Step 7:

Make hot chocolate…


Step 8:

Play Heads Up!

heads up

Step 9:

Read your horoscopes and funny quizzes, watch funny YouTube videos.

Step 10:

Dance and sing along to your favourite tunes! Like my Dad in this picture! (The flared trousers!)

Daddy singing

*Note I haven’t included drinks in this post.  As a guide, I would definitely avoid beer and whiskey unless you know it is gluten free. Here are some gluten free options but do check before you drink!

Rum, Tequila, potato vodka, Wine, Cider, Fizzy drinks, cordials, sherry, spirits, port, liqueurs

So that just about sums up my night in with my pals!



Pyjamas Rocha John Rocha

House Robe La Senza Debenhams

Rimmel London Double Decker Red Nail Polish

Neals Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm

Neals Yard Face Cloth

Good Things: Five Minute Facial Face Mask Anti Blemish Avocado & Goji Berry Free From




So what’s your guide to a fun night in?




  1. 28th February 2016 / 12:33 pm

    It looks like you have everything sorted! I’m going to check out Firezza now as I haven’t heard of them. Apparently Greggs are going to start a gluten free menu… what I wouldn’t give for one of their sausage rolls 🙂

    • 28th February 2016 / 2:23 pm

      Indeed! 🙂 Yes definitely try Firezza. Mine was from the Wimbledon one but there are others scattered around.

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