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Cole & Mason Derwent Gourmet Salt and Pepper Mills are a great pair to have in any kitchen. You can find a range of Cole and Mason collections with prices suited to you. Cole and Mason have been crafting for almost 75 years, and they guarantee ‘innovation, style and reliability‘. For the gourmet collection you can check out these salt and pepper mills. The design of this gourmet salt and pepper mill is a sleek and sexy shape with a clear plastic interior and stainless steel finished in a brushed titanium. This is good for you to be able to see how much of the pepper mill is left and how durable the mill is. Compared to other salt and pepper mills on the market, this has a clever little trick up its sleeve, with the adjustable settings on the bottom of the mills, going from fine to more course grinding, making your cooking experience even better and enhancing flavour. With 6 pre-selected grind settings for pepper, and 3 for salt, you will never miss a trick!

cole and mason salt and pepper

Cole and Mason Derwent Pepper Mill Review Summary

Range of Colours
Lifetime Warranty on Grinding Mechanism
Carbon steel for pepper that strips peppercorns instead of crushing them, and diamond-sharp ceramic for salt, maximising flavour. The hardwearing qualities of these mechanisms ensure you will always receive a consistently outstanding performance. 6 pre-selected grind settings for pepper, and 3 for salt, ranging from fine to coarse you will always find the best grind size to optimise the flavour of every meal.
Product Number
An excellent performing pepper mill. Cole and Mason uses a lot of plastic, but I really liked the design and ease of use.
Wipe with a damp cloth and a clean cloth to dry.

cole and mason salt and pepper

Common Pepper Mill Problems

Common problems with pepper mills are when the mill has been filled too high with too many peppercorns. Remember peppercorns should only be filled to about 1/2 to 3/4 full, leaving room for the peppercorns to move freely while grinding. The grinding mechanism won’t be able to work properly without the right amount of room. Don’t forget to store pepper mills in a dry, room temperature environment as if it is humid they can swell.

Why is a Pepper Mill important?

It’s all about the oxidation baby. When you expose the fresh pepper to more oxygen, you change the flavour. For  information about pepper mills check out the FAQ page.

Cole and Mason Derwent Pepper Mill Design

Pepper Grinding Mechanism

Cole and Mason added the adjustment on the bottom for the salt and the pepper.  As you select each setting, the gap between the grinder will change. Most of the mechanism is encased with plastic. In a traditional pepper mill, they are usually just wood or metal.

The Lid is the Screw

Since it is missing the screw to adjust the grind, Cole and Mason designed their mills with the use of a lid to cling onto the metal rod. When you twist the lid, the metal rod will rotate in unison. A little thing that I noticed was that the lid needs to fit the rod at any orientation and this could potentially become an issue for durability overtime.

Adjusting the Grind setting on Cole and Mason Derwent Pepper Mill

To adjust the setting on the pepper mill, you will need to hold the centre of the mill and twist and not the bottom.

Problems adjusting it?

If you are having problems adjusting the grind, and you find that chunks of pepper are getting stuck, then turn the mill upside down and grind a few peppers. This should crush it a little and let you readjust.

How do you refill Cole and Mason Derwent Pepper Mills?

Don’t unscrew the bottom. Just take the top off and refill.

What material is the body?

The body is made out of plastic, however it is a very sleek design, and looks like glass.


This is the mini gourmet set which is 157mm. The other sizes are 190mm.

Fit and Finish

The fit and finish is nice on this product with durable acrylic and titanium stainless steel.

cole and mason salt and pepper

My star rating 4/5

It is a well engineered pepper mill and it it looks stylish on the kitchen worktop. The stainless steel finish makes it appealing to the eye and once I practiced adjusting the settings, I soon got the hang of it. I haven’t used a range of salt pepper mills, but if you want to be able to maximise flavour and precision, I would give these a whirl! The downside is that salt and pepper mills aren’t even half filled, which is a shame and there is a potential issue of the lid and the metal rod for durability. Pricewise, they are a little on the expensive side, however, Cole and Mason have a large range to suit all budgets!

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*Disclaimer: Gifted item. All images and opinions are my own. 


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