My gluten free birthday goodies

birthday goodies the gluten free greek

It was my birthday at the weekend and I turned the big 29! Apart from a few grey hairs sprouting here and there, and my neck and chin looking a bit dodgy when I take selfies at certain angles, I have been trying my best to embrace birthdays! I received some very nice little treats for my birthday, so I thought I would share a few of them!birthday goodies 6

First up are the items from Lakeland. The double chocolate hazelnut biscuits went down a treat with my cup of tea. I had to write ‘Do not touch’ on them! Next up, the fizzy Rosé gummies. Again very nice and matched perfectly with the Rose Gold Pop Ball for Prosecco. I actually put it in pink lemonade and we could see the gold shimmer in the glass. Lastly I received the camera tin with chocolate fudge inside. This would be a lovely gift idea for a photographer.

birthday goodies 3

Slice of cake anyone? My mum made a marble cake which was very delicious!

birthday goodies 1

birthday goodies 2

birthday goodies 8

My sister bought me a few bits including a book called The Million Dollar Blog which I am definitely excited to read! I also got a camera and phone selfie stick which can also turn into a tripod too so it will be very useful for me when I vlog.

birthday goodies 4

birthday goodies 7

birthday goodies 9

birthday goodies 10

So Happy Birthday to Me! Thankyou to everyone for supporting my gluten free journey!


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