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chewsy lemon and spearmint gum in pocket

This week, I decided to be “chewsy”, and try out some new gum! Whenever I chew gum, I am reminded of the days when I used to wear braces, so chewing any gum or sticky chewy sweets was a big no no. The longing I felt when everyone else was chewing gum and stuffing their faces with chewy fruitellas, wine gums and chewitts! I am a chewing gum fan, always carrying fresh minty gum in my bag. I buy plenty in bulk, and always choose chewing gum over a polo or a mint that will crack my teeth. When I was contacted by the chewsy gum company, I thought that trying out a 100% natural gum would be interesting!

lemon chewsy gum in pocket

chewsy gum lemon

Chewsy Gum uses 5 main ingredients:
Xylitol from the birch tree
Chicle Gum Base from the sapodilla tree
Natural flavour from the mint or lemon plant
Gum Arabic from the Acacia tree
Sunflower lecithin from the sunflower tree

Chewsy gum currently sell three flavours: spearmint, lemon and peppermint. The chewing gum is sugar free, gluten free, soy free, Non-GMO and Vegan! I tried out the lemon and spearmint gum for review.

chewsy gum flavours

chewsy gum lemon flavour

spearmint and lemon chewsy gum

chewsy spearmint and lemon chewing gum

The bright packaging of the chewsy gum makes it easy to spot in my bag of wonders. The lemon flavour did keep my mouth feeling lemon fresh and clean but I preferred the flavour of the spearmint gum. You will get 10 square blobs out of each packet, and it looks cool in my pocket. It’s much healthier for your teeth but it is expensive so if you do fancy coughing up quite a bit of dough for 6 packs and a healthier mouth then give them a try! Not only are you using a product that is healthier, but it is also helping the planet as the gum is biodegradable!

chewsy gum girl in mirror

trying some chewsy gum

So #bechewsy with your gum and give these a go!

The Gum

Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me for review on my blog.


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