Crunchy Rocky Road

rocky road

I have never made rocky road before, so decided it was high time that I did! You can make rocky road with lots of ingredients, whatever your preferences are. I used different ingredients for three types of rocky road. Here’s my recipe!

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Rocky road 1Rocky Road Recipe makes around 12 slices

You will need: 

100g/4oz milk chocolate

100g/40z white chocolate

100g/40z dark chocolate

100g/ 40z butter or margerine

6 tablespoons of golden syrup

225g gluten free digestives or chocolate chip cookies

2 tablespoons glacé cherries

2 tablespoons raisins

2 tablespoons of chopped nuts (I used walnuts)

2 tablespoons cranberries

A rectangular tin 12 inch by 6 inch with a layer of greaseproof paper

pack of mini marshmallows

What to do:

I made three different types of rocky road using white, dark and milk chocolate with different ingredients added.

1) Crush the biscuits and cover the bottom of the tin. Add a sprinkling of marshmallows.

2) In three different bowls (if using different chocolate) break up the chocolate. Divide the butter into three equal quantities and place in the bowls. Add two tablespoons of golden syrup in each.

3) Melt over pans of boiling water until chocolate has melted. Stir the mixture.

4) To your three chocolate mixtures, add your chosen ingredients. I used the nuts and cherries with the white chocolate, raisins with dark chocolate and cranberries with the milk chocolate. Or you could combine all ingredients together. All of my rocky road had marshmallows mixed in and a biscuit base, but you could add the biscuits and marshmallows in with the chocolate mixture.

5) Pour each chocolate mixture into the tin, (about a third of the tin) covering the biscuit and marshmallows base.

6) Place in fridge once cooled and leave overnight.

7) Slice into squares.

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