How to eat like a local in Greece!

When you’re on vacation, you’ll likely want to experience the culture of your chosen destination. In Greece, one of the best ways to do that is through the food.

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Baked Feta featuring Dodoni

There’s nothing I enjoy more than reviewing and creating something with Greek products, especially when it comes to…

Gluten Free Halkidiki

Part 2 of my Greek gluten free diaries, is gluten free Halkidiki. We took a while to decide…

Gluten Free Katerini and Thessaloniki

The start of the summer begins, and I bring you my post about Gluten Free Katerini and Thessaloniki! Katerini, if you are wondering, is a city just outside of Thessaloniki. Katerini wedges itself between Mount Olympus and the Thermaikos Gulf.

Roaming in Rhodes

I am back! Did you miss me? I have travelled far and wide, over the mountains and hills, covering miles upon miles! Readjusting to the British climate has been a bit strange, but I am welcoming a little cooler weather after sweating my whole body off for months and months! Don’t even get me started on the countless times my legs were sticking to every single seat I sat on! If you are wondering where I went, I travelled to Turkey and then to Rhodes.

A coeliac abroad: Crete

I am back with a Greek travel post from the beautiful island of Crete! I spent 12 glorious days soaking up the sunshine in Crete. This was my first time travelling to Crete and as always, had so much to explore!