What’s in my gluten free suitcase?

I often get asked questions about travelling gluten free as well as questions relating to my suitcase! As we enter…

Easy meals with Spicentice

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with spices. Some spices are just too much and I will…

10 Easy Family Meals!

10 family meals that are gluten free and wheat free! If you are struggling with creating dishes, or are finding that you have the same meals all the time, here are 10 ideas for you! You can also make changes for dairy free and vegetarian alternatives too!

I didn’t know that about gluten!

Gluten lurks around every corner, every surface you touch, there could be gluten! There could be cross contamination and you may not even know! We all know about the obvious stuff that contains gluten but here are some surprising ones to look out for!

What to do if you get glutened!

Have you ever been glutened? Chances are, you probably have at some point. Usually, symptoms occur within a few hours after…

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

This delicious pineapple and cherry upside down cake was a winner for all my family. I came home after work and my dad had practically eaten half of it! Simple and perfect for the summer season, this cake is delicious on its own or accompanied with some ice cream! Let’s get this summer started!

Flower Power Cake

Flower Power! Yes let’s enjoy the power of the flower! I wanted to get a little creative with my baking this week, and even though it took me a while to make the decorations, turned out pretty well! You could save time and buy decorations for your cake too! 

Tips for a coeliac on a budget!

Are you a coeliac on a budget? Ever wondered how much I spend on my gluten free food shopping? My…

Greek Style Omelette

Greek Omelette anyone? I love eggs. I am a little bit like Gaston from beauty and the beast, except that…

Key Lime Pie

The warmer months are finally on their way! As the days heat up the need for a sweet, refreshing dessert…