Gluten Free Brighton weekend

Over the Easter bank holiday, I travelled to Brighton for a gluten free Brighton weekend! When the sun comes out everyone rushes to the seaside. Growing up in a seaside town, I know just how crazy we get as soon as we get a whiff of sun.

Celia’s Coeliac Story Children’s Book!

After two years in the making, I have finally self published my children’s book! The main reason that I wanted…

Gluten Free Prague

Prague, capital city of the Czech Republic and nicknamed “the City of a Hundred Spires,” is known for its Old Town Square, cheap beer, beautiful baroque buildings, Gothic churches, a famous bridge and the medieval Astronomical Clock!

Chinese Style Duck Fried Rice

A Chinese style duck fried rice recipe, that is another one of my easy meals. I have really missed eating…

Banana and Raspberry Walnut Loaf Cake

This banana and raspberry walnut loaf cake gets a big thumbs up from friends and family. I have made lots of versions of banana cake over the years, and love mixing with different ingredients like sultanas, or walnuts or other fruit. This time I made a banana and raspberry walnut loaf cake, and used brown soft sugar instead of demerara sugar which is why it is darker in colour. I love making loaf cakes as they are easy to carry when visiting friends.

Sweet Chilli & Chicken Stir Fry

Sweet chilli and chicken stir fry is a definite for convenience and for your weekly shopping budget. I’m always on…

Rizogalo homemade rice pudding

 Rizogalo, homemade rice pudding can be enjoyed hot or cold! This is a favourite sweet dessert in my family, especially my yiayia! This is nice for little ones too as it is soft and squishy! It is made with rice, mixed with water or milk and other ingredients such as cinnamon and raisins. Cinnamon and vanilla pods can be added to make it sweet. I used Arborio rice for this which is available in many supermarkets. 

Yummy Lamb Hotpot

Yummy lamb hotpot is the tasty meal of the week! It’s delicious and warm, using lamb mince, chili peppers and sweet potatoes, this will feed around four people. As I’m sure you know, lamb can be expensive, but by using lamb mince, this will save you the money and your meal will still have the flavours you love in a hot pot!

The Nags Head Pub & Restaurant Brentwood

The Nags head Pub and Restaurant in Brentwood is one of many great pubs in Essex. The Nags Head is a perfect venue for all seasons, and offers signature dishes such as spit-roasted chicken with lemon & garlic confit, slow cooked pork belly with seared scallops, salmon supreme served with thyme-roasted butternut squash, and a home-made British beef burger.

Chocolate and cream choux puffs

I have been wanting to make some chocolate and cream choux puffs for a while now but was a little apprehensive about how they would turn out as I have never made them before. I kept the ingredients really simple for this recipe, and would highly recommend using the Just Free self raising flour from Lidl. I have been using this for many of my cakes and sweet treats for a while now and I have to say it is one of my favourite flours to use. The Just Free range is good, and I use the plain flour too.