Top tips for a gluten free holiday!

So, you are going away! Yippee! It could be a mini break in the UK, a weekend stay in Venice, or a honeymoon in Barbados! Wherever you are going on your holidays, you need to be prepared! Here are some tips on what to think about when you are packing for your holiday as well as tips for when you get to your destination.

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15 minute meals: Honey roast salmon with grilled halloumi and rice!

A quick 15 minute meal for those busy people out there! Honey roast Salmon, rice and halloumi cheese. You will…

How to make a Greek frappe!

Summer is almost here…so I thought I would share with you how to make the perfect greek frappe! Opa!

Gluten Free Picnic for two!

Summer is almost here and that means eating outdoors, enjoying the sunshine, swatting lots of flies and wasps and yes picnics! Here is my gluten free picnic for two! I have had my picnic roll up blanket for years and it has served me well! It has a velcro front and a handle to make it easy to carry! Ok, these pictures have not been snapped outside unfortunately, but you get the gist!

It’s a Pastitsio!

I couldn’t have a gluten free greek blog without sharing my simple and tasty pastitsio recipe. Pastitsio is an Italian word, but the Greeks and Mediterranean’s all have their own variations. This is a dish that my mum has made time and time again for family and friends who may not want to stuff their faces with souvlaki but still want a ‘little’ meat.

Gluten Free Baked Cheesecake

I remember when I was very little whenever we had guests round for dinner, then my mum would always make…

Split Pea Soup

Happy Greek Easter Everyone! As many people will know, Greek Easter celebrations are underway. On the Holy Saturday, the church…

Soft Macaroons!

I’ve got a love-er-ly bunch of coconuts! This week, I wanted to try using different ingredients in my baking, and…

It’s a Flourless Chocolate Torte Cake!

A quick and easy flourless chocolate torte cake that is very easy to make! Here is the recipe!

Dilly the Dinosaur Birthday Cake

It’s my nephews 1st birthday this weekend. So in preparation, my mum and I have slaved away making not one…