Gluten-Free Afternoon Tea for Mothering Sunday!

It’s Mothers Day! So here is an idea for a Mothers day gluten-free afternoon tea that will be…

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I’m full of beans! Bean Lasagne

I LOVE bean lasagne in the winter. So if you are a bean and lasagne fan, then here is my simple bean lasagne recipe! This recipe is vegan, wheat free and gluten free!!

My Gluten Free Apple and Mixed Berry Cake

I had lots of apples in the fruit bowl and some blueberries and raspberries in the fridge, so…

Christiana’s Cottage Pie!

Christiana’s cottage pie is a definite for the cold, wet weather! If you want a tasty mid week…

Happy New Year! Gluten Free Vasilopita

Happy New Year Everyone! To celebrate I have made a gluten free Vasilopita cake. Vasilopita is a cake or bread that is made to celebrate the first day of the new year in Greece and many other places in Eastern Europe. The cake contains a lucky coin and whoever gets the slice with the coin in will have good luck thrust upon them! I have received the coin quite a few times much to my delight!

Have Fun with a Flan!

A gluten-free flan I hear you ask? Fear not, with the right pastry and a little flour you can have loads of flan (ahem, get it!) with my gluten-free recipe. Opa!