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2 years on the blog! Happy 2nd Birthday to The Gluten Free Greek! When I first started this blog, I really had no idea about blogging at all, and was not a social media fan. I was flung into a world of tweets, likes, shares and insta stories and had no clue what I was doing half the time! I have learnt so much in these two years about blogging and social media but I have also realised how tiny it can make you feel when you are in a sea full of social media influencers. Whilst it has been great fun to work on my blog, it has also been difficult and time consuming to sustain this blog, as well as being faced with the challenge of creating content that people are actually going to read.

There have been times when I just want to give up blogging, and get really annoyed when I see my follower numbers go up and down like a yoyo! But then I take a step back and think about why I created my blog in the first place. What matters most to me is that people are enjoying my blog, not how many followers or likes I may get. Although numbers do play a role in getting more blogging opportunities!

This year I featured in the August/September issue of the Gluten Free Heaven magazine which I was very chuffed about! I popped to the blogosphere event in April which was a great way to network with other fellow bloggers and meet the team from the blogosphere magazine. In September, my sister and I attended the Brit Mums Live 2017 awards which is the biggest blogging event that I have been to so far, and it really was amazing. I was also invited to various events, such as the John Lewis Christmas stir up Sunday event in November which was good fun. This year, I also branched out to the world of Youtube, and joined my sister in a collaboration called ‘The sister tag!’ 


Gluten Free Heaven

I have worked with a number of brands such as John Lewis and Mr Lees Noodles! See more on my Press section! I have also written some pieces for various companies, including a little post for a company called Brain Fud. I wrote about my dream wedding for a company called tecmark, shared my tips on staying healthy on my holidays, and transported everyone to the beautiful land of Greece for Serbian travel website.

The content for my blog will still include recipes, but I am also branching out and will hopefully be writing more travel posts. My blog posts will still be uploaded every Friday and I will be creating a few youtube videos when I can, so stay tuned! I am very proud of my little blog, and I want to say a big thankyou to all of you who have supported it so far.

Do get in touch and say hello I would love to hear from you!

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