Remedy Tea Shop Southend on Sea

remedy tea shop southend

The Remedy Tea Shop southend is a place that I have been going to for years. It is my favourite café in southend high street. It is such a cosy little place, which is why it suits me to a tea! I love the tea cosies and the homely vibe. Some people are put off with the décor and call it ‘grannies living room’, but I absolutely love it! Don’t be fooled either, as this place is always busy! It is situated at the end of the highstreet near to the Royals shopping centre. I am a regular here, and I usually opt for scrambled egg on toast with salmon or I have a mini English breakfast without the sausages. They offer gluten free bread, so you can ask for different fillings for sandwiches and they do offer gluten free cakes as well. I enjoyed a very tasty carrot cake last week! The tea is simply amazing, and there is such a variety, from fruity teas to herbal teas. It is very good value for money as well.

menu remedy tea shop southend

tea and scrambled egg and toast

remedy tea shop southend

carrot cake at the remedy tea shop southend

My Ratings of Remedy Tea Shop Southend

(1 bad, 2 ok, 3 good, 4 very good, 5 excellent)

Value for Money: 5

Great value for money. I have a pot of tea with scrambled egg, salmon and toast for less than £10.

Comfort: 5

Comfy and cosy chairs.

Food: 4

Only because sometimes I find that some greedy person has eaten all the gluten free cake!

Location: 5

It’s in the highstreet and is very easy to find.

Staff: 5

Staff are always helpful and pleasant.

If you are ever in Southend High Street, pop along and see for yourself!

Remedy Tea Shop Cafe Southend on Sea


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