My 8 minute exercise routine: Buns of Steel

butt workout

 I am writing this blogpost as I watch Diana Moran on Loose Women. The green goddess became hugely popular in the 80s with her exercise segments. At 74, she does look AMAZING! How does she do it? Diana likes to use the word ‘activity’ over ‘exercise’ and says that you don’t need to be in the gym to get fit. Hurrah for that! I think that having a daily exercise routine is key, but you don’t always have to spend hours exercising at the fancy gym or have a personal trainer. I used to swim 5 to 6 times a week and was very dedicated to the sport. Nowadays, I take a ballet class once a week, I swim once a week and walk around 2 miles everyday. I don’t like running, and do not go to the gym. Activities like cleaning the house is exercise, and if you have children or look after children, running around after them is a workout! I have a varied and healthy diet that I feel is well balanced. I eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and meat, but I do indulge in the sweet treats too! 😉

In this post I wanted to show you a few easy exercises that you can do in the comfort of your own home. I suffer from regular back pain and my exercises are slow paced, controlled and easy to do. You don’t need to be ridiculously flexible, as I am certainly not! For this post I am focusing on the BUTT. You can do more than 8 minutes, however this is for when you have a limited amount of time in the day! It’s better to do a short burst of good exercise and work the body properly than to do a longer period of time and do it without any effort. So let’s get motivated! (plays eye of the tiger music).

 I am not a personal trainer or a fitness expert, and these are exercises that are simple yet effective in toning your glutes! Be sure to stretch and warm up the body for a few minutes before these exercises! Apologies about my very pasty white legs. They haven’t seen the sun! And also I don’t know why my hair is so fluffy!

butt workout


1. Glutes Bridge

Lie flat on your back and put your legs into a v shape keeping the feet on the floor a little bit apart and keep your arms straight beside you. Push your pelvis off the floor and upwards and squeeze the butt for 5 seconds, then come back down and repeat. And squeeeeeze the bum you sexy thang! Do this 10 times.

 2. Kneeling leg lifts.

You do this with or without the stretchy band. Get into the kneel position and try and keep your back as straight as possible. Push your leg up, keeping your body as straight as possible and the underneath of your foot flat, not pointed. Push the leg up 5 times, then bring it down and switch legs. Repeat this 4 times. I am keeping my legs quite low here but you can go higher if you like, just make sure that you are all aligned properly and not twisting or arching your back.

 3. Dog Peeing up a tree

Yep you know the one. You can do this with or without the fitness band, but to feel that extra burn, use the fitness band and this will give your glutes the ultimate workout. I do 5 on each leg and repeat 4 times.

4. Side v in and out trap

On one side keep your body in a V shape and open and close the legs making sure your legs are parallel. I do 5 on each leg and repeat on the other side. Do this 4 times. I have my stretchy band, but you can do it without and lift the leg higher.

 5. Squats

Bring in the squat team, because your butt will be on fire! There are various types of squats out there. I call mine the regular squat. Put your arms out in front of you with the weights if you have them or tin cans. Have your feet hip width apart and parallel. Make sure you keep your feet firmly on the ground. I go semi low but not too low. Be careful not to tuck your bum under you. If you suffer from back pain like me, just be careful. I do 10 squats and squeeze the bum for 5 seconds. Control is key. If you are using weights, make sure that they are not too heavy but are enough to challenge you and not make you keel over!!

  6. Foot side to side and behind stretchy

 You can do this unaided, but I use a chair or a window sill to help me. Stand sidewards and place one hand on your chair. Move your foot out in front of you, keeping it straight, then out to the side, and then behind you and repeat 8 times. Then switch sides and do the same.

And there we have it, 6 exercises in 8 minutes! Fab!

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Hope you enjoyed!

I’m off to do my 8 minute workout!

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