My relaxing evening routine

relaxing bedtime routine

For this post, I wanted to share some of the things I do to help me relax. Cue relaxation music! So firstly, I run myself a very hot bath, and add in some absolutely gorgeous lavender salts! Or sometimes lavender oil. (I say with my sultry Nigella Lawson voice). I then use my dry body brush, working it in circular motions starting from the feet upwards. I light some candles and then I am in!

Once in the bath, I usually do some form of face ritual. This involves shoving a hot flannel over my face for a few minutes or so to let my face steam and then I apply my face mask for a few minutes before gently wiping clean. I give my body a good scrubbing, before contemplating about what I should be doing with my life and what my next blogpost should be!

After this long while of contemplating and thinking, I leisurely get out of the bath. I then apply moisturising cream to my body and face and get my comfy pjs on!

Next up, it’s movie time! This requires a lot of effort!

Once the movie has finished I may read, listen to some relaxation music or meditate.

Then finally, it’s time to get into my cosy bed! But before that I have to spritz the pillow with lavender to send me off to dream land!!!


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I have checked the ingredients in all the products and have not experienced any problems. However please do check thoroughly for gluten containing ingredients.

Here are a few terms to be aware of:

Wheat germ

Hydrolyzed wheat protein

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein

Avena sativa (oats found commonly in lotions)

Triticum aestivum (another name for wheat)

I found a rather helpful website here explaining about all the cosmetic ingredients that may contain gluten. Check it out here: Cracking the cosmetic code

And there we have it, my relaxing routine! I hope you enjoyed!

What do you do to relax??



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