What’s in my gluten free handbag?

What’s in my gluten free handbag?

Ever wondered what may be lurking in my handbag?? Well I will have you know that it will probably not be much different to what’s in yours…As I have mentioned in other posts, I always have snacks for on the go, as I always have a fear of going into the middle of nowhere and not being able to find a single gluten free chocolate or energy bar! Okay, things have vastly improved in these past few years, but still you never know when you might need something! Let’s get cracking!

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Kindle and Vintage Kindle Case

I used to be absolutely against the kindle. I love the feel of books, the smell of books and also like looking at the front cover of a book. However, now I admit I love the kindle. It is so much easier and lighter especially for people who are on a commute to work or who do lots of travelling, we can access as many books as we like. I have also found that I read books much quicker on a kindle.

Note pad and mini pen

I like writing notes and to do lists. If you are one of these people, then keeping a notepad and mini pen is very handy.

Halo Portable Charger (QVC)

A very useful tool if you find that you have run out of battery and need to quickly call someone or send a text. I would recommend that you fully charge the portable charger before chucking into your handbag for it to work more effectively. Good to keep for emergencies.

Gluten Free Snacks

Wherever you go to shop for gluten free items, you will find various snacks. TREK energy bars make me feel that once I have scoffed them, I can then climb mount everest. I like having a bit of chocolate mixed with some fruit or nuts but there are various gluten free snacks out there with different ingredients.  Mid morning snacking is always good when I am really hungry and need a little something to keep me going.

Kallo Milk Chocolate Rice Cakes

If you like rice cakes with a little chocolate then these are for you!


I will usually chuck a banana or an apple into my bag and sometimes I will bring a smoothie. If you have lots of fruit that needs to be eaten up, try a smoothie for on the go and maybe mix in some greek yoghurt. I also have various dried fruit such as dried fruit mango. 

You can really go to town with fruit. Here are some more intriguing ideas…

Almond butter, banana and strawberry sandwich

Fresh pineapple drizzled with honey

 Fruit salad with feta cheese


Lots of people note everything into their phone diaries, but I never do this.  I usually have a mini diary for my bag and a big diary for home use.


I can’t go on a journey without any music. I have quite a varied music taste which depends on my mood. If I feel a little anxious about a journey, I will listen to some classical or relaxing massage music.

Phone Samsung Galaxy S7 Pink Gold

A quick snap of the camera is all it takes if I am out shopping and want to remember a product that I have seen, so that I can check it out later.

L’Occitane Hand Cream

I always have a hand cream in my bag, especially now that winter is soon approaching. This smells lovely and makes my hands feel baby soft!

Burts Bees Lip Balm with Mango Butter

Hydrates lips wherever you go!

Tube Map

Yes I know, we can view everything on our phones but I still carry this with me anyway.

So, what’s in your gluten free handbag??


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