My Blue Collection Summer 2017

My Blue Collection Summer 2017

For this months post, I decided to gather up 8 items from my blue collection that I associate with summer and are the colour blue! Blue is the colour of trust, peace, order and loyalty and is my favourite colour!

greek expectations book

blue eye handbag

blue beauty products

blue sportswear collection

aquamarine ebag

Greek Expectations: The last moussaka standing Ekaterina Botziou

The spine of this book is blue and is written by my sister Ekaterina. If you want a good read that is full of wit and humour, then go and buy it, it really is hilarious! And, of course give it a good review on Amazon! 😉

Blue Evil Eye Bag

I purchased this bag on Achicha but it may not be available now so it is also available from Ble Collection. I will definitely be using this as a makeup bag and will take this on my holidays! I love Greek products, and this is designed in Thessalonikki, Greece.

Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil

Great for the summer for those dry ends. I apply this on wet hair, at the ends and then leave to dry naturally. Great product to bring on holiday!

Dior Show Iconic Blue Mascara

I usually wear black mascara, but occasionally, I love to apply blue mascara. This is a beautiful navy blue, so you can flutter those lashes and get plenty of compliments!

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Waterproof Blue

Great little eyeliner to brighten up those eyes. It’s waterproof too, so you won’t need to worry about makeup running on a sweaty day.

Blue Pro Fit Sports Top

I couldn’t find exactly the same as mine, but it is available in black and olive, so keep your eyes peeled! Check in the TKMAXX store as well.

Balance Collection Sports Leggings

Again, I couldn’t find my exact ones, but I have linked ones that are similar.

Blue Ebag

I don’t know how I used to get through life without ebags! When I first discovered these I was in awe! I always use them for my trips and have a bunch of them in all different sizes and they are just great. They help to keep everything in order, so that when you unpack stuff, you know where everything is, and if you are travelling as a family and putting things in the same suitcase, you can each have different colours, which just makes life so much easier!

So there we have it! My eight things that are blue! The colour of the sky, the sea and the Greek Flag!



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