It’s Moussaka not mousse kaka!

It’s Moussaka not mousse kaka!

Ah Moussaka! This is a very popular dish in Greece. For those who have seen the film ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ you will know all about Mousse kaka, I mean moussaka! Moussaka is usually made with lamb mince but we make it with beef mince. My mum uses sliced potatoes and sometimes she adds other ingredients such as peas! So here’s how to make it the way my mummy makes it!

Gluten Free Moussaka Recipe: Prep Time: 1 hour 30 mins Cook Time: 1 hour Serves 6

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Nut Free

You will need:

750g beef mince or lamb mince

3 large aubergines (sliced thinly in circular slices)

100g grated cheese (I used red Leicester)

1 kg red potatoes

1 large onion

100g frozen peas (optional)

1 tin of chopped tomatoes and 1 tablespoon tomato puree

1 tablespoon cinnamon

1 pint of milk

2 oz butter

3 heaped tablespoons gluten free plain flour

1 gluten free beef stock cube

glass of red wine (optional)

What to do:

1. Wash and slice the aubergines and add salt and leave to sweat for 1 hour

2. Rinse off the salt and pat dry with some kitchen towel.

3. Fry all the aubergine slices until brown or cook in oven.
4. Place mince meat, chopped onion, and 1 litre of water with gluten free beef stock in a pan over a low heat and cook until water has absorbed.
5. Add a tin of chopped tomatoes, the tomato puree, a glass of red wine and another pint of boiling water. Mix together and let it simmer until the beef mince is soft.
6. Add in the frozen peas, cinnamon, salt and pepper and leave.
7. Peel and thinly slice the potatoes and boil until soft.
8. Add the milk, flour and butter in a small pan over a low heat to make the béchamel sauce and keep stirring so there are no lumps.
9. In the ovenproof dish, add a layer of mince meat, aubergines and potato slices and repeat.
10. Top with the béchamel sauce and sprinkle cheese or parmesan over the top.
11. Cook in the oven at 180ºC for around 1 hour until top is golden.


καλή όρεξη!

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