Easy Peasy Energy Bars

Easy Peasy Energy Bars

We all need that little boost of energy to get us through the day. There are lots of energy bars available out there to buy but they are quite expensive. So, as another option, you could make them at home and make a big batch that you can keep in the fridge! I have made my own energy bars and they were easy to make and took me about 10 minutes to prepare! You can put whatever you like in your easy peasy energy bars. Dried fruit, nuts, chocolate, plain digestive biscuits, gluten free oats-the list goes on! As long as you have something to bind the dry ingredients together.


Easy Peasy Energy Bars

Gluten Free, Wheat Free, vegan

You will need:

100g walnuts (finely chopped)

100g gluten free cornflakes

100g dates (finely chopped)

100g gluten free dark chocolate melted

100g raisins

100g dried apricots

square or rectangular tin

What to do:

1) Put all your dry ingredients in a bowl and mix them in.

2) Melt the chocolate and pour into the bowl giving it a good mix so that all the dry ingredients are coated.

3) Line your tray with greaseproof paper. Pop the mixture evenly into your tray.

4) Put in fridge for about 15 minutes.

5) Cut the energy bars into square or rectangular shapes for you to take whenever you are on the go!

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