Greek Coffee Cup Reading with Yiayia!

Greek Coffee Cup Reading with Yiayia!

So, I took some pictures a while back of my Yiayia reading the bottom of a coffee cup for me. Now I don’t like coffee and don’t drink it at all, (shock horror!) but for this reading, I knocked it back. For some sceptics out there, you may feel that it is all a bit of mumbo jumbo, but alas, there could be some truth behind the markings. When my dad’s aunt read his coffee cup for him in his younger days, she told him that he would meet a lady who would travel to Greece. He thought nothing of it, as a lot of tourists came into his shop in Monistiraki. Soon after this my mum flew in from the UK to teach ballet in Greece, met my dad in the shop on the third day, and the rest is history! Here is how to make greek coffee and read your destiny!

Step 1:

Grind freshly roasted coffee beans. The coffee needs to be a fine texture.

Step 2:

Fill one small coffee cup with cold water

Step 3:

Add the cold water to a briki (small little pot-see picture)

Step 4:

Put 1tsp of the coffee into the briki

Step 5:

Add sugar. If you want it medium add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of sugar. If you want it sweet add 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of sugar.

Step 6:

Stir the coffee and sugar into the water and let the coffee sink to the bottom and the sugar dissolve

Step 7:

Place the briki onto the gas burner and heat on low until the water just starts to boil. An incomplete ring of foam should form on the coffees surface.

Step 8:

Remove briki from the heat and pour into your coffee cup.


Enjoy your greek coffee!


Now it’s onto the reading!

Your cup should be held facing out on its side and be turned three times clock-wise, remove any of the gunky bits. The cup should then be overturned onto a paper towel for a few minutes.

Overturn your cup and hold it upright. How you interpret your coffee cup is up to you! We had the help of Yiayia and she knows best!


Types of symbols

Animals, initials, nature and more can be seen in your cup!

The Cup

Generally, the bottom part of the cup represents people, situations, or ideas from your past, the middle part on the sides of the cup represents the present whilst the top part indicates your future!

My reading interpretations

So for my reading, there were 2 intertwining rings from the past, (my sisters wedding perhaps), a bird for the present and a tree for the future. I have interpreted the bird as a sense of freedom, spreading my wings, trying new things, hence the blog and getting out there and going for it! The tree I have interpreted as a new lease of life. I was really unhappy for a long time and I didn’t feel like I was pursuing my goals. Today, I feel happier. I am glad that after four years of my sister bugging me to write a blog, I eventually decided to give it a go! Writing the blog has been a very positive experience, I have really enjoyed helping others and sharing my coeliac journey. I am definitely feeling more upbeat and positive about reaching certain goals.

So there you have it! If you ever want to try a Greek coffee, have a go at reading it!




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