Toning up with Balletone

Toning up with Balletone

When I was first diagnosed with coeliac disease, I had lost a lot of weight and muscle tone. It has taken four years for my body to get back to its happy mode again! I have been able to build up muscle by doing simple exercises at home with my weights and I am constantly rolling on the pink exercise foam roller. I do a fair bit of walking, but I felt like I needed to do other exercise. I used to swim up to five times a week when I was younger, getting up at the crazy hour of 4.30 am to swim, then do a swimming lesson for almost 2 hours and then go to school, then swim again that evening! These days, I swim when I can, but make excuses about the chlorine ruining my freshly coloured hair! When I haven’t freshly coloured my hair, I like to don my funky goggles that I can’t really see out of, parade around the pool, listen to my music, like they do at the Olympics, wave to everyone, (ok I don’t do this really) before casually getting in the water for 25 minutes, showing off every stroke and maybe get a few dives in as well, just for good measure, before retreating and going home for a nap.

So this is where my mums balletone classes come in. Balletone is great for anyone of any age and you don’t have to be a pro or have expert knowledge of ballet to do it. Ballet can help to strengthen your muscles and it’s great for toning. It helps your posture, keeps you supple and is especially good for people like me who have osteoporosis to strengthen bones! I really enjoy the class, and we all have a good laugh trying to do certain movements. I certainly feel better, and (slightly) more supple. Prior to these classes, I hadn’t taken a ballet class in over twenty years, so I’d say that’s a pretty good result!

And smile ladies! Adults Ballet Class

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Have you tried an adults ballet class near you? What do you do to stay fit and healthy?

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